Hughson, CA Dance Lessons

6941 Hughson Ave

Hughson, CA

209.608.1414 or


 Your Instructors:

Glenn & Sue Cravalho

Over 20 years experience!

Glenn n Sue

Dance info….

Sue’s Dancin’ News!

So, you’re interested in Dance Lessons….. 

Glenn & Sue Cravalho offer Group and Private Lessons in Hughson, CA as well as the Northern California Bay Area.

This dynamic duo travels frequently through-out the US and Canada to many Swing & Country Dance Events.  Both are available for Private Lessons when on the road as well as when home.

Please contact us for your private lessons or more information. or 209 608-1414 (best to text) or 209 608-1413 (best to text)

 IOOF Lodge

6941 Hughson Ave

Hughson, CA

209 608-1414 (text/call)





Lets Dance In August!



August 1, 8, 15, 22


Session #1:

2 – 3 pm … Intermediate WCS 

Session #2:

3:15 – 4:15 pm … Intermediate Country Two Step

Session #3:

4:30 pm – 5:00 pm … Beginner Country Two Step

5:00 pm – 5:30 pm … Novice Country Two Step

Session #3 is designed for beginners and novice levels together.  

The first half will be beginner with the second half a little beyond.


Instructors:  Sue & Glenn Cravalho


Cost:  Four Week Session is $40 per Session per person or $12 per Class per person


*Just a note…

We WILL be rotating partners if you like. 

No masks, testing, vaccines, ppe, or other restrictions will be enforced at Gone Dancin’. 

We respect your adult decisions for yourself.

For Questions or Concerns:  Sue 209 608-1414 or email or facebook pm me.


We are teaching Private Dance Lessons on Sundays  in Hughson, California.

The cost is just $83 per hour


$780 for package of 10 hours.

Please Call for your Private Lesson.

Sue 209.608.1414 or Glenn 209.608.1413.

                        Instructors:  Sue & Glenn Cravalho

Happy Dancin’!

Sue & Glenn Cravalho

Just a note to our beginners….

Welcome to our Gone Dancin’ sessions.  We are so glad to have you join our fun and social group classes!  When attending our classes, please dress casual and comfortable.  Leather sole shoes or dance shoes are best.  Rubber soles are sticky and high heels are dangerous and make dancing hard.  We encourage you to rotate partners in our classes, but if you insist, you may stay with your original partner.  Please feel free to ask questions during or after class.  We truly want to help you become a better dancer in any way we can.  If you are a beginner, you are welcome to come and observe the intermediate sessions, but we cannot allow you to rotate through the Intermediate Dancers until you have been approved by the instructors, Glenn & Sue.  There is no pre-registration for our sessions, so just come to class a few minutes early and sign up then.  We also offer “private lessons” though these are spendy and we usually recommend them to intermediate social dancers and/or all levels of dance competitors.

Hope to see you dancing soon!

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