Hughson, CA Dance Lessons

6941 Hughson Ave

Hughson, CA

209.608.1414 or


 Your Instructors:

Glenn & Sue Cravalho

Over 20 years experience!

Glenn n Sue

Dance info….

Sue’s Dancin’ News!

So, you’re interested in Dance Lessons….. 

                        Glenn & Sue Cravalho offer Group and Private Lessons in Hughson, CA as well                     as Northern California.

This dynamic duo travels frequently through-out the US and Canada to many Swing & Country Dance Events.  Both are available for Private Lessons when on the road as well as when home.

Please contact us for your private lessons or more information. or 209 608-1414 (best to text) or 209 608-1413 (best to text)

 IOOF Lodge

6941 Hughson Ave

Hughson, CA

209 608-1414 (text/call)



Dance Lessons Schedule

Jan 2022 schedule

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